Effortless self watering:           

 Glowpear’s  set it and forget, self watering technology to ensure plants are fed how they want, when they want. Demand based technology means you’ll never have to worry about over or  under watering again. The Glowpear  has been engineered to ensure your plants thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle.


Why lock yourself in to a single planter when you can have four? Run it up a wall, hang it over a balustrade, sit it on a ledge, or change up the aesthetic by building it into a design of your own. The only limitation is your imagination.

Engineered for Edibles:
The Glowpear  has been specifically designed with edibles in mind, setting it apart from most popular vertical growing solutions on the market. It has been engineered with sufficient planting depth to ensure great results with a range of herbs, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Add to this Glowpear’s self-watering technology, food safe/BPA free construction, and a super compact footprint, and you can see why Glowpear is the perfect solution to provide ‘pick as you go’, nutritious organic produce in your home all year round.

Glowpear Mini and Urban Garden 

Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers at home with easy to use, modular, self watering planters.   

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