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Raised Garden Bed

The Glowpear Mini is designed to be seen and engineered with the planting depth and functionality to open up a new universe of planting options. Ideal indoor herb garden!

Hydroponic Growing media
self-watering container gardening

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Terrace creations is a design, build and installation firm for condo and townhouse balconies. Based in Toronto, they take your standard grey condo or townhouse balcony and magically;

  • Create your favourite area for relaxing and entertaining
  • Increase your condo's size by adding a stunning new backyard
  • Provide you with a cottage view without any driving involved
  • Increase the value of your home by making it unique among your neighbours

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Growstones are breakthrough,

high-performance growing mediums that are made of 100% recycled glass.


Noocity Urban Ecology is focused in developing efficient equipment for urban agriculture. Their Noocity Growbed is an unique and efficient self-watering

gardening system.
Easy to assemble and low maintenance it allows you to plant a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs anywhere.