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Hydro Stones


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GnatNix 9 Litre Bag

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Engineered for edibles!
With Glowpear you can grow your own fresh produce effortlessly in a self-watering planter specifically designed to make gardening in small spaces simple and rewarding.

GS-1 Hydro Stones – (9 Litre and 42 Litre bags)                 

Product Description

The Noocity Growbed is an unique and efficient self-watering gardening system, easy to assemble and with low maintenance allows you to plant a high variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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Indoor Farmer Inc. 

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Waterloo, ON N2V 1K7

Phone:  519-886-9200

Holland Industries

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Phone: (416) 736-1732

Growers Paradise
40 Regan Road unit 11

Brampton, ON. L7A 1B2
Tel: (905) 495 4040 

Assembled Size: 30" x 18" x 24"



GS-1 Hydro Stones – available in 9 Liter and 1.5 CF bags
An Engineered Substrate For Consistent Results
Growstones aggregates are engineered to provide an effective ratio between aeration and moisture to any hydroponic system. While other substrates maximize either air or moisture, Growstones are designed to allow for both moisture absorption and drainage.
Most important in any growing medium is the air in the medium after drainage. Plant roots require air (particularly oxygen) for respiration and growth.
Growstone aggregates make for an ideal hydroponic substrate due to its small and large pores.  When the substrate is irrigated, water is held in the micro pores but quickly drains through the macro pores, allowing fresh air to flow through the substrate, which brings oxygen to the roots and removes carbon dioxide from the root zone. 

Growstones Hydroponic Medium Give You:

  • Highly effective balance between air and water content at field capacity, meaning high air-filled porosity coexist with high water holding capacity.
  • Growstones hold 3 times more water and 12% more air than Hydroton.
  • Easy control of root zone moisture content – high steer-ability.
  • Easy drainage and re-wetting after being completely dehydrated.
  • Silica release in a form plants can uptake.
  • Highly flexibility for different plant needs for consistent high yield.
  • No weed seeds or disease spores.
  • Reusability and lightweight.
  • A sustainable and earth-friendly option.
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Package Info

Weight: Medium  9.5 kg   Large  14.5 kg

Dimensions     122 x 32 x 9 cm

A unique and efficient self-watering gardening system, easy to assemble and with low maintenance.
 Noocity Growbed  Medium or Large size product is the adaptable solution  on your rooftop, patio or backyard!

Assembled Size: 24" x 10" x 12"


Sundial Innovations

Assembled Size: 24" x 10" x 12"


The Only Fungus Gnat Control With NO Harmful Pesticides Or Chemicals
Growstone Gnat Nix! is the only scientifically-proven, chemical-free fungus gnat control on the market. It’s not just free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, it’s made from 100% recycled glass. Plants love it. Gnats don’t.
Gnat Nix! is:

  • Non-toxic, chemical-free fungus gnat control
  • Long-lasting top dressing
  • Effective under dry or moist conditions
  • Great indoors – outdoors

Scientifically Proven
University trials have proved Gnat Nix! used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnat Nix! controls gnats at different points of their life cycle. It prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media. As a result, the life cycle of fungus gnats is interrupted, and its population significantly reduced.